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Safe Procedure For Male Circumcision

Safe Procedure For Male Circumcision

​1. Supine role. 2. Wash and disinfect parts with soapy water and salt water, and disinfect elements with 1:one thousand xinjier disinfectant; in the case of phimosis, a syringe become used to obtain a venotomy needle to inject xjelexin into the skin sac for disinfection.

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1. Supine role.

2. Wash and disinfect parts with soapy water and salt water, and disinfect elements with 1:one thousand xinjier disinfectant; in the case of phimosis, a syringe become used to obtain a venotomy needle to inject xjelexin into the skin sac for disinfection.

(1) With hemostatic forceps to choose up the dorsal foreskin ⑵ grooved probe to peel foreskin adhesion

3. For separation and adhesion of foreskin stenosis and adhesion between foreskin and penis head, amplify the foreskin with hemostatic forceps first, and then pick out up the middle a part of the dorsal margin with two hemostatic forceps (0.2cm aside among the 2 forceps). Use a grooved probe to split the adhesion until the top of the penis is absolutely separated from the foreskin. Use sterile saline to smooth the skin and penis.

4. Use a hemostatic forceps to clip the foreskin lacing to raise up the foreskin. With the tip of the knife, reduce all marks zero.5cm from the outer plate of the prepuce to the far quit of the coronal groove. It is ready to function a hoop reducing mouth to prevent excessive excision.

5. Dorsal incision: use scissors to reduce the internal and outer plates of the foreskin along the probe groove. The inner plate of the foreskin shall also be cut to approximately 0.5cm away from the coronal groove part.


(3) In the probe groove cut  ⑷ foreskin 0.5cm ring cut foreskin from coronal groove

6. Do away with the foreskin, align the inner and outer plates of the foreskin, shrink back the hemostatic forceps clamped on the dorsal facet of the foreskin and the lacing, and then evaluation whether or not the cutting marks of the outer plates of the foreskin are suitable as ring slicing. If appropriate, reduce the proper flap with a curved shear about 0.5cm from the coronal groove, then cut the left flap. The internal and outer plates at the foreskin lacing won't be reduce off, or more may be retained.

7. Hemostasis ought to make the penis pores and skin decrease upward and forestall bleeding after exposing the bleeding spot. special interest need to be paid to ligating the superficial dorsal vein of the penis in the center of the dorsal side of the penis.

⑸ Ought to be set within the prepuce in the tying need to keep⑹ligation superficial dorsal phallus vein hemostasis

8. Suture with best silk thread one needle on the back, abdomen, left and proper of the annular incision, and ligation must now not be too tight, so as no longer to strangle the skin whilst the tissue edema occurs. hold the stitches in area for permanent dressings. Then use one or two stitches among every two stitches, and thread the stitches near the cutting side.


⑺The internal and outer plates are sutured  ⑻restriction vaseline gauze with sutures

Wrap a piece of vaseline gauze (with the tough edges folded inner) across the foreskin incision, relaxed it with the ultimate lengthy stitches, after which wrap it with several layers of gauze.

Circumcision suturing

The system and advantages and downsides of circumcision with circumcision stapler

Circumcision is one of the earliest male surgical operations, courting again to 5000 years in the past, has been the maximum not unusual surgical operation in overseas countries. This traditional surgical procedure is also growing and enhancing with the change of instances. At present, the primary new method of circumcision is circumcision with stapler.

Circumcision with circumcision stapler -- the manner is as follows:

1. Put together anesthesia and related units after disinfecting the affected person's bedding towel.

2, The foreskin might be unglued, help the hole of the foreskin, the bell cowl within the foreskin above the glans.


3, Degree the foreskin period, with the cable may be too lengthy foreskin constant at the bell, pull lock. Load the ring-reduce suture device.

4. Tighten the ring cutting suture tool in the precise function, open the purple safety valve, and beat the cutting suture tool with both hands calmly for five seconds.

5. Screw out the suture device and bell stand, and take a look at whether or not there may be any screw leakage, screw launch and strain dressing. The operation is over. (5-10 mins)

6. Postoperative recuperation photograph.

The main blessings of circumcision as compared with conventional surgical operation are as follows:

1: Normally, needle-thread suture isn't always required. while the suture device is used for strain reducing, the suture stitches are launched to suture the incision. The suture stitches are dense sufficient to stop bleeding and align the incision.

2: The operation time is brief, generally only need 5-10 minutes to complete the operation, traditional surgery desires half-hour, the shortening of the operation time, will lessen the patient's pain, lessen the affected person's anxiety and anxiety.

3: The quantity of bleeding is very small. because the suture device releases the suture nails on the identical time of reducing for hemostasis suture, the traditional scissors have been cut open and then the steps of searching for bleeding factors were blended, so the quantity of bleeding changed into notably decreased by using ninety%.


4: Electrosurgical coagulation and hematopoiesis are not necessary in the course of the operation. traditional circumcision will basically use laser or electrosurgical operation, which could keep away from the high frequency electrosurgical operation and laser surgical procedure may result in extreme postoperative complications.

5, The arrival is neat and exquisite, and the postoperative scar is small. As traditional surgical treatment calls for using tissue to cut the inner and outer plates of the foreskin manually, the rims are frequently not particularly neat. but, circular mold is used for the direct stapler loop cutting to reduce the excessively lengthy tissue with one knife, for you to make certain the regularity of the rims and the beauty of the shape. The sutures were flippantly allotted, the incisions were flawlessly aligned, the recovery become desirable, and the postoperative scar become small.

6: Brief wound healing, less headaches. because of the quick operation time, less bleeding, highly much less damage to the tissue, and extra in depth sutures, the risk of postoperative bleeding, infection and edema is lower than conventional surgical operation. After 7 days or so, the sutures progressively started out to fall off. commonly, the sutures might be removed within three to 4 weeks. only a few sufferers had to come to the medical institution to dispose of the sutures.

The following are the disadvantages of circumcision with a circumcision stapler:


1: The fee is higher than traditional surgery, traditional surgical procedure (drugs + examination + anesthesia + surgical treatment + postoperative dressing exchange) value approximately 1300 yuan, and circumcision stapler circumcision (tablets + examination + surgical procedure + postoperative dressing exchange) approximately 2400 yuan.

2: Sufferers with phimosis and a few penile abnormalities aren't suitable for this operation.

3: For the foreskin chronic irritation as a result of the foreskin and glans adhesion among patients; sufferers with large loads or vegetations inside the prepuce and coronal sulcus ought to be operated via conventional surgical techniques.

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