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Blood Analyzer to use care and maintenance
Jun 24, 2016

Blood Analyzer is one of the hospital laboratory equipment, along with the development of science and technology, its performance has been quite perfect. Major operations are automated, micro, and improve the precision and accuracy of test results. Maintain the best conditions of the instrument, in addition to the correct use of the instrument, careful maintenance and maintenance is a critical link.
(1) the specimen collection: collection of blood specimens (especially in peripheral blood), such as improper operation, dirt or a sterilized cotton Ribbon into the sample, such instruments when the count will interfere, counting errors. Samples collected after the test on time, as required to keep attention to dust, such as collecting specimens and determination of time greater than 1min, the determination should be gently mixed and sample dramatic doesn't rotate, otherwise it will bubble and hemolysis.
(2) environmental and temperature requirements: the instrument should be placed in a clean place, temperature on hemolysis and diluting agents have certain requirements, must be between 18 to 30 ℃, if temperature is lower than l8 c will affect the classification of the WBC, above 30 ° c counts increased precision of HCT and MPV will decline.
Only carefully used, inspected and maintained on a regular basis, to make the equipment in optimum condition, improve its performance, to extend the service life of equipment, and greatly reduce the failure rate, maximize the instrument's role to provide an accurate and reliable data.