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Computer family prevent 4 types of disease
Jun 24, 2016

Today, almost every aspect of people's life and work are inseparable from the computer. However, the computer all day will bring a variety of diseases. Computer groups for a long time among other things to watch out for the following 4 types of "pain".
1. Hand pain: carpal tunnel syndrome. All day typing and mouse can easily lead to carpal tunnel syndrome (also known as "mouse hand"), the disease symptoms include wrist muscle or joint and forearm numbness, swelling, pain and spasms. Other than the wrist flexor tendinitis, other risk factors include genetics, age, hand or wrist injuries and diseases. Recommends that sat at the table to finish the stretch wrist, stretching the thumb, fist hands together, pressing, hand grip and other simple exercises can stimulate the hand, wrist and forearm blood circulation, reduces risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. The towel rolled up mat under the wrist and helps to relieve pressure on the arm when using the mouse.
2. Heart: cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Studies have found that sedentary lifestyles bad blood circulation, may also increase the risk of deep venous thrombosis of lower extremity arterial thrombosis and, once off easily lead to heart attack and stroke risk of thrombosis. Experts suggested that in order to reduce sedentary time, call, meeting or a lunch time best stands. Set your computer screensavers, regular walking.
3. Eye pain: computer vision syndrome. Computer eye pain or blurred vision may use computer too long, screen brightness and contrast too high causes "computer vision syndrome". Specific symptoms of the disease include eye strain, dryness, blurred vision and headaches. If not treated, can easily lead to the hyperopia, astigmatism and other more serious eye injury. Suggestions, try to avoid the computer screen reflective, regular breaks the distance, avoids air conditioning electric fan blows with one's eyes, to prevent eye dryness. In addition, the lighting should also be suitable.
4. Low back pain: disc herniation. In addition to a sedentary, too forward sitting position when using computers can also increase the risk of low back pain. If not treated, can easily develop into chronic low back pain. In particular forward close to 45 degrees, the sitting position easily increase spine and disc pressure, increases the risk of severe low back pain. Experts suggest that computer owners a break at least every half hour will up and move around as much as possible, to facilitate the circulation of blood. In addition, as Chair, or on the back, plus a lumbar pillow, is conducive to maintaining upright posture.