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Electrocardiogram examination preparation and considerations are there?
Jun 24, 2016

(1) check cannot be satisfied before drinking, overeating, eating cold drinks and smoking, take a quiet rest for 20 minutes.
 (2) check to sleep flat, muscles relax and smooth breathing, keep quiet and do not speak or move position.
 (3) in the past have done ECG, report or record to the previous doctor. If taking Digitalis, potassium, calcium and antiarrhythmic drug, tell your doctor.
 (4) checks, such as coated electrode paste, check the available toilet paper wipe.
According to the condition if you need an ECG exercise test, should also pay attention to the following points:
 (1) 1 hour before and after eating, not suitable for exercise testing;
 (2) or 1 year after the recent attack of angina pectoris, acute myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure, severe hypertension, left ventricular hypertrophy, left bundle branch block, pre syndrome, resting time is also improved myocardial ischemia, frail elderly, mobility, all taboos for exercise testing;
 (3) if the exercise test, patients with Angina and cold sweats, and should cease immediately, and ask the doctor to deal with.