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Eye fatigue self-help treatment methods
Jun 24, 2016

Eye protection, the prevention of eye injuries, reduce eye strain, in addition to the appropriate light, maintain the correct operating posture, eye exercises to ensure rest and in addition, there is a very important, and that is to add nutrients to the eyes. Modern medical research has shown that vitamin and diseases of the eye, Visual acuity is good or bad has a very close relationship. Too many eyes, more eyes are needed the necessary vitamins and minerals. What supplementary nutrients is reasonably necessary, to eye protection, prevent vision damage, prevention and treatment of eye diseases, improving visual acuity is very important.
Eye fatigue self-help treatment methods
1, pay attention to light, light is too dark eye fatigue, can provide a contrast of soft light is better.
2, 2-3 hours continuous use computers, computers leave your eyes 10-15 minutes, let your eyes rest.
3, reduce screen light, reduce the brightness of the screen to avoid fatigue.
4, wide black cardboard on the computer, the screen light down to a very low.
5, shut-eye, is a good way to eliminate eye fatigue.
6, the towel into the tea, used to apply eye 10-15 minutes to eliminate eye fatigue.
Friction heat 7, hands, and then cover the eyes, do not oppress your eyes, deep slow breathing, help to eliminate eye fatigue.
8, 300 winks, helps clean the eye at the same time achieve the massage effect.