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Fasting blood test to areas in need of attention
Jun 24, 2016

People with diabetes need regular blood sugar checks, in order to make test results more accurate, before each check, she strictly implements the "fasting" policy, are afraid to drink the water. Doing so is justified, in order to ensure the accuracy of blood tests, many patients with blood biochemical tests require fasting after dinner, for the second day there was a blood collection.
In General, the General checks such as blood sugar, cardiac enzymes, liver function, need to 6-12 hours on an empty stomach, fat checks need to be fasting for 12 hours. However, in order to ensure that test results, fasting is not even water to drink is also a mistake because low water intake, blood will concentrate, bilirubin will increase further will lead to changes in blood sugar. Therefore, to do biochemical tests in patients with blood the next day, the food should be banned but normally drink, in order to ensure the accuracy of test results.
In addition, blood biochemical tests require fasting, fasting time is too long, can also affect the test results. Survey shows that fasting for 24 hours, serum bilirubin increased, blood glucose levels become low, triglycerides, glycerol, free fatty acids increased and, therefore, blood biochemical tests should be carried out in accordance with the prescribed fasting, fasting longer should not be mistaken as possible.