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Improvement of peripheral blood sampling method
Jun 24, 2016

In routine inspection work, capillary blood collection, due to the blood circulation of the earlobe borders are relatively poor, greatly influenced by the outside temperature, constant than fingers, is more commonly used peripheral blood drawing finger. But in practice, many patients complain about pain, even fear, not cooperate with the inspectors. The finger tip blood drawing was improved.
Select patient index finger or middle finger inside as the blood taking part. Massage the blood taking part first, 75% alcohol disinfection of blood-skin dry, with the thumb and index finger after fixing patient's fingertips. Pinch a bit relaxed, and so after several slightly relaxed patient use disposable Lancet puncture quickly reach the required depth (3 mm). Then let blood go out on their own, or farther from the puncture point gently squeeze, before the first drop of blood with a dry cotton ball to wipe disinfection (blood and clotting time measurement exceptions) after the outflow of blood sample.
Acupuncture Department after the sampling is completed with a dry cotton ball to wipe disinfection NET blood hemostasis.