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Liver most feared 5 things
Jun 24, 2016

The liver is so important to the human body, but is easy to hurt. Following some bad habits are the most afraid of liver.
1. smoking alcohol abuse. Tobacco contains nicotine, as well as thousands more kinds of harmful substances in smoke can harm the liver and other organs, leading to disease, one of the major risk factors for cancer. Extremely bad alcohol metabolite of alcohol on the liver, alcohol increases the risk of fatty liver and alcoholic hepatitis.
2. random medicines. Multiple medications are prone to drug interactions, affect the liver's ability to metabolize drugs. If it is not prescribed to take medicine, there is risk of liver injury.
3. lack of sleep. The rest without a break, causing relative lack of hepatic blood flow, metabolism of the liver cells. For people who are already infected with hepatitis b virus and liver cells that have been damaged will be difficult to repair, and the possibility of worsening.
4. depression and irritability. Depressed people often "stagnation"; irritability can lead to impeachment, liver-Yang hyperactivity of liver-qi. The two types of bad emotions can hurt the liver.
5. love to eat greasy food. Liver fat transport hub. After the digestion and absorption of fats to the liver as part of later converted to stored body fat. When hungry, stored body fat to be transported to the liver, and then decompose. Eating too much fatty food, easily lead to disorders of fat metabolism and fat accumulation in the liver forms fatty liver.