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Sleepy at work or allergy causes
Jun 24, 2016

Working old sneezing, a stuffy nose, not the spirit, like a cold, this is the State of many white-collar workers. In fact, it may be allergies. Most of these symptoms are caused by working environment.
Most offices environments a more closed and poor air circulation, allergens such as dust mites, pollen, mold is easy to accumulate. In addition, chemical fumes, cigarette, cockroaches, cold air, dust, paint, perfume and other colleagues will become allergens. Urgency of the work, interpersonal conflicts and pressures of overtime for a long time can cause allergy symptoms.
Old sleepy at work, not necessarily rested. According to studies, this may be related to an overactive immune system. Long-term stimulation to the immune system can lead to chronic inflammation, people feel tired. Main allergic reactions are inflammation, stimulates the body to secrete cytokines, which passes through the blood to the brain makes sense of fatigue.
To drive away "Office allergy", must be cut off from the source of allergens. First of all, to ensure good ventilation at workplace, adjust indoor humidity, minimizing mold breeding. Second, regular cleaning of dust, keep the room clean, should wear a mask when cleaning. Again is to drink plenty of water. When the human body lacks the water, respiratory and gastrointestinal mucosal cells shrink, intercellular gap increases, so that pollen and other foreign bodies penetrate, causing allergic reactions. Last reminder, if ineffective prevention, problems must consult a doctor.