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Surgical Polymer Clips
Aug 13, 2016

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Type:Nonabsorable Clips

  • Material:Plastic

  • Certification:ISO13485,CE

  • Brand:ZHOUJI 

  • Application:Surgical

  • Color:White

  • Ingredient:POM

  • Size:L, M, S

  • Feature:Disposable & Implant Materials

  • Place of Origin:Hangzhou, Tonglu City, China (Mainland)

Product Description
SpecificationsLigating rang

Product Description
Medical disposable ligation clip is single-use for ligating blood vessels or other tubular structure tissue in surgery.
Key features and benefits:
1.Safe Locking device with a more secure closure.
2.Reliable Touch-sensing closing mode with tangible safety.
3.Rapid Capable of fetching the ligation target and reducing the separation of ligated tissues & regions.
4.Minimal injuries to blood vessel & tissue.
5.No slicing effect.
6.Made of polymeric materials, no absorption.
7.No supporting bacterial growth.
8.No tissue rejection.
9.save operation time.

About us:

Tonglu Zhouji Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd founded in the year 2005,located in the Tonglu,Hangzhou,Zhejiang province. is set development,research,production and marketing of endosopic surgical instruments supporting the high-tee enterprises.With a team of management,Research,production and sales,total around 50 Employees,

we have a great range of medical instruments for laparoscopy,gynaecology, urethroscopy,cystopy,hystereetomy,sinuscopy,urology,orthopedics,

Obstetrics,ENT, and polymer clips , circumcision anastomat,which are sold to more than 20 countries and we have been certified by ISO13485,CE.All the products are of high quality and reasonable prices, our company has the quality management system,to ensure the quality of the products, offer the after-sales service. We look forward to long time business corporation.