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The National People's Congress: High Priority Should Be Given 'due To Illness Of Poverty'
Jun 24, 2016

Poverty alleviation Office under the State Council figures show that up to early 2016, and the country has more than 70 million poor farmers, caused by diseases of poverty-returning of 42%. On poverty and development, poverty caused by disease, interviewed due to illness and other problems.
Poverty caused by disease, due to illness must be given high priority. Sick one, collapsed a home, many families ' income is extremely low, once you people get seriously ill family members, the whole family will face enormous difficulties.
Every family can afford the medical expenses in poor areas vary, should constantly improve the treatment of serious disease policies, simplify procedures, increase the proportion of claims to ensure that sickness insurance covering the whole, to achieve "should be doing".
Our primary care network in County and Township, three-level medical network roll out of the village, the village health center is an important part of the primary health care system. However widespread education of rural doctors is low, talent shortages, there is serious. In this motion, it is proposed that "ensuring and improving primary health care networks at the same time, we ought to protect, improve and enhance the work of village doctors treatment."

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