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Blood Transfusions Should Pay Attention To?
Jun 24, 2016

(1) appearance must be strictly checked before blood transfusion of whole blood, blood leakage in bag with no damage, blood color is qualified; also carefully check patients, crossover reports correctly whether and when to lose blood, including patients and blood donors ' names, gender, ABO, and Rho (D), Blood typing, cross matching test and antiglobulin test result number, blood type, blood bags and blood volume, and should have checked for two, accurate blood transfusions.
(2) the blood transfusion to the patient bedside check medical records, patient name, blood type, and so on, after I determine recipients, with filter standard transfusion of blood transfusion.
(3) the blood before transfusion and then taken out of the refrigerator, stays in the room temperature should not exceed 30 minutes. Before using blood transfusion bags of blood gently mix, avoid violent shocks. Blood shall not be included in other drugs, for dilution can use intravenous saline solution.
(4) with saline before and after blood transfusion blood transfusion pipe. Continuous transmission with different blood donors of blood, before and after a bag of blood transfusion, intravenous saline transfusions for Wang shot, then took a bag of blood transfusions before continuing.
(5) the blood transfusion process should be slow at first and then faster, again according to the illness and age-adjusted infusion of speed, close observation and recipients have no adverse transfusion reactions, such as abnormal situation should be promptly dealt with. 10-15 in the early minutes of blood transfusion or infusion during the initial 30-50 ml of blood, must by health care professionals in
Closely there is no adverse reaction. If an adverse reaction occurs, shall immediately stop the transfusion and report responsible physician diagnosis and treatment in a timely manner, notify the Department of blood transfusion or blood banks do the necessary investigation. Typically, blood transfusion without heating the blood.
(6) blood after transfusion bags are kept in 2-8 c refrigerator for 24 hours, in case of an accident situation in verification.
(7) the blood transfusion is complete, fill in transfusion reaction investigations, medical receipts, and returned the next day after finishing the blood transfusion blood transfusion saves.
(8) after the blood transfusion, transfusion second posted by medical personnel in the patient.