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Domestic Developments In Blood Cell Counter
Jun 24, 2016

In China as early as in the 1960 of the 20th century began to counter the development of blood cells, with the start of reform and opening up, cooperation between domestic manufacturers and foreign production of the second generation of the blood cell Analyzer.
Due to various foreign white blood cell classification two and three categories, instruments with automatic dilution into the Chinese market, greatly impact the status of domestic cell Analyzer, but also due to the lack of technical and financial resources, Analyzer without further development of domestic production, research and development. Design and manufacture of blood Analyzer's ability to decrease, the turnover, is at a standstill.
The past two or three years, domestic production of certain high-tech industries to invest the third generation, which has 18 or 21 parameters of three-classification blood cell Analyzer. Expect our technicians and laboratory staff will have better co-ordination, household appliances and computers as, close to that of international standards, to produce advanced, modern blood cell analysis instrument.