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Error Analysis Of The White Blood Cell Count
Jun 24, 2016

① technical error: equipment, sample requirements, covered slide effect effect, salt pool, counting principle (book regardless of the next recorded left and right), nucleated red blood cell effects.
② intrinsic error: mainly refers to register domain error. Includes counting pool errors and errors through a straw.
③ physiological state: sports, labor, cold bath, heat, cold, etc appears a transient increase white blood cells.
1. the technical error, by specification, skilled operation, instrumentation, reagents for the calibration of standardized and operators enhanced sense of responsibility and to reduce or eliminate (equipment, sample requirements, sealed glass slide effects, pool filling effect, counting principles, nucleated red blood cell effects);
2. the inherent errors, mainly refers to the counting domain error, is because each time the full blood cell count after the pool error caused by indoor distribution can't be identical, belong to random error.
3. physiological state effects: motion, working hot water bath, heat and cold often transient, such as white blood cells increased; white blood cell count a day maximum and minimum difference 1 time; 30% more smokers than non-smokers.