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Spring Children's Health Care Knowledge
Jun 24, 2016

First, the weather is changeable in spring and epidemic season, in order to ensure the health of children, so that children in the spring, reducing the chance of illness, and several child care knowledge.
1, increase or decrease in children's clothing should be appropriate, it would be decided to wear clothes according to the weather.
2, infectious diseases in the spring season, note the circulation of air in the home.
3, with children going be careful not to go to crowded places.
4, kids pay attention to health, preventing the mouth.
5, children perspire easily catch a cold after exercise, please take off a coat before the children, campaign and then promptly put on.
Second, the spring is a season of fast growth and development of children. In order to adapt to this characteristic, as well as to adapt to the dry weather in the spring, parents arrange their children's diet, should pay attention to the following aspects. Ensure an adequate calcium supply
Spring is the child of the good season, children are mainly the result of bone development. The main component of bone calcium. Calcium supplements in general there are two ways: one is medicine, another is a doctor. Best culinary methods, calcium-rich foods are sesame seeds, Lily, radish, carrot, seaweed, shrimp, and so on. Then chop soup and soup bones. Can't let the children eat too much sugar, chocolate, pastries, because it contains more phosphates, can impede calcium metabolism in the body.
Vitamin c can enhance immunity and resistance, the child's brain and body have a very important role. Spring is windy and dry climate, easily lead to bleeding disorders, vitamin c has an important role to prevent bleeding, must be supplied in a timely manner. There are two complementary approaches: one is to take a vitamin c tablet, the other is to try to eat more vegetables and fruit containing vitamin c. Such as oranges, apples, tomatoes, carrots, dates, etc.
Grains, cereals are good
First add minerals to the body of coarse grains, cereal crops, ensuring the supply of trace elements, such as iron, zinc, followed by fiber and various vitamins, is once again has a specific structure of organic compounds. Edible coarse grains are corn, millet, mung bean, soybean, etc.