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Will Be The Inevitable Trend Of The Medical Device Business
Jun 24, 2016

At present, the State food and Drug Administration (CFDA) are amendments to the electronic commerce policy and regulation of Chinese medicine research, although there is only a small area, but out of the General information is a very open attitude to push the medicine e-commerce development.
Because of the high threshold, only in recent years have cleared more than 100 more than online pharmacies (including medical devices), separate operating companies cannot bid for device qualification of medical devices, and many were the last two years to approve, which to a certain extent, affect the pharmaceutical industry development process.
In future, occupy the pharmacy stores two-thirds more than the total amount of monomer drugstores, or other organizations or individuals, whether we could operate legitimate online pharmacies engaged in the pharmaceutical business, which is very exciting. Research there is the question of whether the list of medical devices, medical device companies can bid on its own online trading qualifications, to promote the development of medical devices.
In fact, in recent years in the development of online pharmacies, some did a big shop and no drugs as the main product, but mainly by selling family planning supplies, or home medical equipment.
Medical devices as a mature industry, electrical contractor in this field is an inevitable trend. From the survey, "vigorously promote the development of medical device business" tendencies, and to seek the views of will separately bid shows the CFDA in e-commerce development careers open, pragmatic and forward-thinking attitude.