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Bilateral Tubal Ligation Clips

Bilateral Tubal Ligation Clips

​There are two methods of ligation, one is to cut off the tubal ligation clip, and the other is just knotting method, need to communicate with the surgeon to see the specific method.

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There are two methods of ligation, one is to cut off the tubal ligation clip, and the other is just knotting method, need to communicate with the surgeon to see the specific method.


Tubal ligation is a relatively small operation, easy to operate, safe, sterilization effect. Surgery through abdominal incision of 2 ~ 3 cm small incision, tubal ligation under direct vision, postoperative scar is not large, does not affect the body aesthetic, is the most widely used female sterilization method.


The procedure should be performed in patients who require sterilization, but in patients with severe organic disease or genital inflammation, the procedure should be performed after the body has recovered.


Surgery should be selected in the normal menstrual cycle in the first half of the cycle, after a clean menstrual; It can also be carried out after normal childbirth, puerperium, lactation, after abortion and midterm induction. Take a bath before the operation. Keep your skin clean. The operation was performed under local anesthesia. The incision location depends on the size of the uterus, incision elected next abdomen in the middle of a 2 ~ 3 cm incision into the abdominal cavity, looking for bilateral fallopian tube, pull the fallopian tube, incision selection in tubal ligation spondylolysis, removal of about 1 cm ligation 2 end, nearly end embedded in pulp, confused in distal left in plasma geared outside. The fallopian tube is ligated and returned to the abdominal cavity, and the incision is closed.


After tubal ligation should be hospitalized for rest, usually 3 to 4 days after surgery, and sex life should be banned within 1 month after surgery.


In recent years, a variety of sterilization clamps for fallopian tubes have appeared. The operation only requires placing the clamps on the isthmus of fallopian tubes, which simplifies the operation process, reduces the degree of damage to the fallopian tubes and facilitates the implementation of multiple surgeries. Such sterilization clamps include silver clips, steel clips, ni-ti memory alloy clips and so on.


A woman ought to carefully weigh her choice to undergo sterilization by laparoscopy. Also, some women may find afterward they feel nauseous or vomit and in some instances might even faint.The majority of women return to normal activities, including work, in a couple of days, even though some women might be advised not to exercise for a short while. After tubal sterilization is reversed, a lot of women still are unable to become pregnant. Due to life circumstances changing, such as a second marriage, they later realize that they are not finished having children after all.


The aneurysm clip will remain in your complete body and guard against future bleeding or rupture. The clip is made from a soft pliable plastic called Silastic. Clips or bands might also be placed at the proper time of cesarean section. Additionally, it is going to incorporate a photo of a type that could be viewed in the gallery of Bilateral Tubal Ligation Consent Form.

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