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Hem O Lok Clips

Hem O Lok Clips

​Hem O Lok Clips used in surgery are ligation and anastomosis of blood vessels and tissues in the body, polymer ligating clips are only one of numerous possible techniques a surgeon can utilize.

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Hem O Lok Clips used in surgery are ligation and anastomosis of blood vessels and tissues in the body, polymer ligating clips are only one of numerous possible techniques a surgeon can utilize.

In addition, It can be used in general surgery: gallbladder, junction, rectum, spleen, stomach, appendix, liver resection; Gastrojejunostomy, esophageal and gastric fundus folding. It can also be used in urology: nephrectomy for renal, adrenal and renal cyst. Radical surgery for prostate cancer and bladder cancer.

It can also be used in obstetrics and gynecology: oviduct, ovary, uterus, chocolate cyst resection; Pelvic lymphadenectomy. Thoracic surgery: mediastinal tumor, thymic carcinoma, pulmonary bullae, lobectomy; Hilar lymph node dissection.


Hem O Lok Clips are made of non-absorbable polypolymer materials, which have no tissue reactivity, no tissue adhesion and callus. No hidden bacteria, no potential infection; X-ray penetrable, CT/MRI examination no scattering, no artifacts。double clips could raise the risk for intra-abdominal adhesions. In any case, it's reported that Hem-o-lok clip is safe to be utilised in other operations2.

However, it is cheaper than the endoloop.But because Hem-o-lok clips are not just inexpensive but also simple to apply, they're a helpful material to use, primarily in retrograde appendectomy. As a result, in the event the Hem-o-lok clip is generated in a bigger size, the width of the appendix base will no longer be a concern. It has angled arms designed purposely to leave a little space between the two arms to prevent a full closure, which might damage the vessel.

Be aware that the endopelvic fascia remains intact now and the DVC isn't ligated. Inside this scenario, using an endoloop is impossible. In addition, the usage of the Hem-o-lok clip will be beneficial in retrograde appendectomy and doesn't carry a considerable learning curve.


Each technique has its very own possible drawbacks.The placement of clips should not be excessively near the typical bile duct. Therefore, dependent on these factors, we start to think about the disadvantages of clips.

To be able to follow-up such patients safely, it's very important to urologists and radiologists to take note of the visual appeal of Hem-o-lok clips on CT scans to prevent misinterpretations. I'm sure there are lots of people out there which don't agree with me notably, all the doctors prepared to do embolizations in the very first place. As a consequence, all patients were admitted into hospital as a way to do fiberoptic choledochoscope. However, complications linked to Hem-o-Lok clips are reported in several settings. There were not any specific complications linked to the usage of Hem-o-lok clips in laparoscopic cholecystectomies. Instead I need to remember to regularly empty my bladder to prevent ending up in an extremely damp and embarrassing mishap.  


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