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Ligating Clip Applier

Ligating Clip Applier

​The ligation clip is made of Acetal Homopolymer and is mainly used to ligate blood vessels or tissues during surgery.

Product Details

The ligation clip is made of Acetal Homopolymer and is mainly used to ligate blood vessels or tissues during surgery.

During surgery, the ligation clip can ligate and anastomose the blood vessels and tissues in the body. The material of the ligation clip of our factory adopts non-absorbable multi-polymer material, which will not produce tissue reactivity, and will not have tissue adhesion and callus. In addition, it can prevent the bacteria from hiding and will not leave hidden dangers due to infection.

This ligation clamp ray can be permeable, CT/MRI examination, no scattering and artifacts.



It has integrated anti-skid teeth and anti-skid design of vascular interface, which can prevent the ligation lock from sliding in any direction.

It is equipped with the safety lock designed by the ligation lock and has a clear sense of touch. It can safely and effectively penetrate the ligation, reduce tissue separation and improve the operation efficiency.

This kind of binding clip has a binding lock inside the protrusion design, can accurately contain not easy to remove the nail, saving the time of nailing and binding.

The non-absorbable binding clip has the design of a bow-shaped nail leg, so that the closing force is even without the effect of tissue cutting. It can effectively expand the binding range and accommodate more tissue.



It has a flexible hinge designed by the ligation lock in it. The position of the knot lock can be adjusted before the closure of the lock during surgery, providing expansion space for the closure and development of the ligation lock.

These micro clips supply an extremely straightforward and secure system of stopping blood flow whilst performing procedures on vessels. The Filshie clips are placed by laparoscopic surgery and they are also able to be used at the period of cesarean shipping. It's easy in a manner that only a little portion of the tube is damaged. The Bulldog clamp is a helpful instrument for stopping blood flow to a specific organ of interest. On the opposite hand since high amount of carbon and very low quantity of chromium renders martenistic stainless steel' very rigid it's used for the production of instruments employed for incisions and cuttings.


Staples are usually utilized as an alternate to suturing to close skin incisions, in areas that are really hard to stitch, or during procedures that have to be performed in a short while. After suturing is done, the proximal clip is inserted via the tracheoscope under direct visualization. These implants were produced from nonferromagnetic materials like tantalum, commercially pure titanium, and nonferromagnetic types of stainless steel. Different devices are known which make an effort to manage the aforementioned issue. The operating instruments have relatively long and narrow portions that are inserted through a cannula to carry out the operation in the inside of the body.


A lot of women feel terrible after they've clipped their tubes so they have to remove it. The end result is smaller incisions for more compact scars and not as much trauma. Furthermore, some types of ligating, hemostatic, or other kinds of clips are created from biodegradable materials.


This clip is put across the narrow sector of the tube close to the uterus. In comparison to other strategies to ease the coronary anastomosis, the Trinity Clip incorporates several intriguing capabilities. You may also post lyrics of your favourite song or you'll be able to sing the exact same in your own voice and post it.

Making it simple for surgeons to recognize the proper clip size with the correct sort of applier when utilizing an assortment of clip sizes in a surgical procedure, We has produced a color-coding system. 

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