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  • Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation With Filshie Clips

    Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation With Filshie Clips​The fallopian tube is the conduit that carries the egg, it is the place that the egg and sperm combine fertilize. Fallopian tube ligation is a safe and permanent birth control method by cutting, ligating, electrocoagulating, clamping and annulus oviduct so that sperm and egg cannot meet. The operation can be performed by abdominal wall/laparoscope or by vaginal vault.Read More

  • Gynaecology Laparoscopic Instrument

    Gynaecology Laparoscopic InstrumentWe are one of the professional China medical gynaecology laparoscopic instrument manufacturers. You are welcomed to import cheap laparoscopic grasping forceps, multifunctional uterine manipulator, laparoscopic big grasping forceps, laparoscopic small grasping forceps made in China from our...Read More