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  • Hemolock Clips

    Hemolock Clips

    ​In any case, it's reported that Hem-o-lok clip is safe to be utilised in other operations2. This polymer ligating clips contains an integrated anti-skid tooth, and the anti-skid design of its vascular interface prevents the binding lock from sliding in any direction. The...Read More
  • Hem O Lok Clips

    Hem O Lok Clips

    ​Hem O Lok Clips used in surgery are ligation and anastomosis of blood vessels and tissues in the body, polymer ligating clips are only one of numerous possible techniques a surgeon can utilize.Read More
  • Horizon Ligating Clips Reviews

    Horizon Ligating Clips Reviews

    ​A plastic clip, also called a one-time tissue closure clip, or a hem-o-lok clip. Use with the application of clamp. This ligation clip can effectively grab the ligation target and reduce the separation of the ligation tissue area. It is designed not to remove the nail,...Read More
  • What Are Ligating Clips

    What Are Ligating Clips

    ​Ligating clips is a product that gradually replaces the traditional titanium clips. Its biocompatibility is better than that of metal titanium clips. Use special matching pliers to make your hands feel better. In surgery, a metal titanium clip cannot be done, it can be done.Read More
  • Where To Buy Ligating Clips

    Where To Buy Ligating Clips

    ​Our ligating clips products are suitable for clinical laparoscopic surgery, or surgical non-absorbent stud clips of blood vessels, or other tubular structures of ligation.Read More
  • What Are Ligating Clips Used For

    What Are Ligating Clips Used For

    ​Ideally, the ligating clip is put throughout the isthmus, leaving an equal quantity of tube on each side. These micro clips supply an extremely uncomplicated and secure system of stopping blood flow whilst performing procedures on vessels. In addition, ligation clips can be...Read More
  • ligating clips manufacturers

    ligating clips manufacturers

    Ligation clips are used to ligate blood vessels or tissues during surgery. 1. Ligation and anastomosis of blood vessels and tissues in the body during surgery. 2. Non-absorbable multi-polymer materials, no tissue reactivity, no tissue adhesion and callus; No hidden...Read More
  • Surgical Ligating Clip Features

    Surgical Ligating Clip Features

    ​The Ligating clips are placed by laparoscopic surgery and they are also able to be used at the period of cesarean shipping. It's easy in a manner that only a little portion of the tube is damaged. In the event the key portions of the tubes are damaged, then tubal reversal is...Read More
  • The Basics Of Surgical Ligating Clip

    The Basics Of Surgical Ligating Clip

    Tubal ligation clip ought to be postponed in the event the woman is unsure about her choice. At present, laparoscopic tubal ligation is easily the most popular system of female sterilization in non-pregnant ladies. Purpose Tubal ligation is done in women who need to stop...Read More